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Over 25 years experience

T.G. Design Solutions Ltd was founded in 2003. It brings you over 30 years’ experience in design, manufacture & toolmaking for a variety of major manufacturing industries, Automotive, aerospace, building products & white goods to mention a few.

We provide a range of services, form 3D design work, subcontract machining, 3D inspection scanning also reverse engineering.

Unlike other firms our expertise and involvement doesn’t end once the designs have been created – here at T G Designs Solutions we pride ourselves on our extended manufacturing assistance and customer support throughout the entire manufacturing process.

With T.G. Design Solutions you can be sure of a rapid result, combined with competitive prices and a superior standard of work.

Design Work

Our design service covers a wide range of areas from Press tools, Jigs & fixtures to special purpose machines. We also offer tool simulation. We providing a starting point and work through the process with our partners to give our customers a reduced tool development time.

Press Tools

We cover a wide range of press tool designs for progression tools, transfer to single point tooling. Our services also include feasibility and process for companies looking to improve current process or source tooling in low cost countries.

Jigs & Fixtures

We design a wide range of Jigs and fixtures for various industry’s from aerospace to automotive. For various applications for welding, machining and laser cutting.

Subcontract Machining

Our subcontract machining service provides 2D & 3D machining with capably up to 1,660mm x 860mm x 760mm, which is linked to directly to our visi cam software, allowing us to machine directly for your cad models or cad models we have created for you.

3D Scanning & Reverse Engineering

Our 3D scanning & reverse engineering service ties in with our design and machining services to offering a varied solution to support the customers needs. This is supported with the use of our Faro arm with laser scanner and Polyworks software.